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Wine Tasting in Etyek

Etyek village is part of the Etyek-Buda wine region of Hungary where mainly white grape varieties are grown, with more and more experiements with red varieties.

A Wine Tour to Etyek can be a nice addition to your Budapest vacation program if you want to learn more about Hungarian wines, wine making, and life in the countryside.
A direct transfer takes you to Etyek village, which is a part of the Etyek-Buda wine region of Hungary located cc. 30 km souththwest of Budapest.
The journey takes 40-45 min. from the city centre.

You will take a leisurely stroll among the wine cellars of the village, get to know the traditions of wine making in the area, taste the local wines and have a fine Hungarian lunch or dinner.

Vegetarian options can be arranged!

History of Etyek-Buda Wine Region 

Viticulture in the area dates back to the Romans, but roots of current wine making can be traced back tot he early 1700s. German families settled down in the area between 1720-1770 who started cultivating vineyards and making wine.

By the second half of the 19. century Etyek became the vineyard of the Hungarian capital. At the time hundreds of stone cellars were built out of which many still stand and are thriving.
You can see and experience their historic, romantic atmosphere on the tour.
Wines made from grapes of the Etyek region provide very good base for making champagne.
After the II. WW the wine region went to decline due to the large-scale socialization of wine making during the Communist era.
Luckily viticulture started to revive in the late 1990ies early 2000ies and the trend is continuing, making Etyek a very popular wine and culinary centre in the vicinity of Budapest.

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