Forest Hills Golf & CC

(9) Zirc

Forest Hills Golf & Country Club is situated at 120 km to the South-west from Budapest, from Vienna at 160 km-to the South-East, not far away from the North side of Lake Balaton, at one of the most beautiful sites of Hungary in the Bakony mountain.


The relationship of the family with the forest and meadow of some forty hectares goes back to the after war times. The head of the family has moved from Budapest to the small and beautiful village Bakonyjákó, and kept an unforgettable remembrance of the four years past here. Now he realised the dream, projected and built up with his son and family at this place the Forest Hills Golf & Country Club, the exclusive club serving the preservation of joyful health.


The services of Forest Hills Golf & Country Club give an example how to mix sports and a perfect rest in the middle of the Bakony mountain. The active and the passive wellness may be realised in different sports (golf, tennis, walk, jogging), as well as with SPA therapies and relaxation effecting all organs of sense.


The particularity of this club is that besides the health preservation, the wonderful moments, the resting, it gives place to the societal life, too. Our objective is to establish a real club where our guests can enjoy the days passed here in a luxury environment, in excellent company besides complete exclusivity.


The guest can pass the leisure at the golf-court and tennis court during the daytime, and the guests may enjoy live music and a good drink in the bar or in the cards gaming room in the evening.

Forest Hills Golf & CC Forest Hills Golf & CC Forest Hills Golf & CC Forest Hills Golf & CC