About Us

KRISZTINA BATTA - Founder of Golf Travel Hungary


Kriszti was born in Budapest, where she was a professional volleyball player until her 20s.
Then she completed her schooling and education. She studied in Italy, in Canada and got marketing degree in Budapest.


She used to be italian interpreter for 6 years, afterwards she spent 5 years at an online recruitment agency in Budapest where she has became Country Manager and Regional Business Development manager for the CEE countries, than at several companies she worked as a headhunter.


In the meantime she won the Hungarian Amateur Golf Championship in 2003 and 2004 and became the Female Golfer of the Year in those years as well. Winner of the "Golf Digest" 2004 Female Golfer of the Year.
In 2011 she won the national "Female Golfer of the Year" title.


In 2007 she has left behind her carrier of human receources and has opened her own company specialised on golf travels, first in the country.

"I have started with a vision. To bring together background, talent, and enthusiasm for the golf experience in order to become a company of incomparable expertise and value.


Golf Travel Hungary aims to create great golf experiences with a commitment to service, respect for tradition and a desire to bring golf closer to everyone.


The mission is to provide our clients with all the services they need within the framework of golf world.


A deep belief in the development of golf has moved me to create a company based on professionalism, trust, excellence in reputation, honesty and the highest respect for the traditions.


My commitment to providing imaginative thinking, solutions and bottom-line performance is making the company one of the most innovative companies of its kind."