Golf in CEE

Golf in the CEE countries

Austria & Slovakia & Hungary


Playing the Best Courses in Austria while staying in the capital in Vienna

Diamond Golf Resort

Best 4 courses of Austria with an unbeatable price



Golf Travel Hungary is dedicated to offer its overseas client a tour across the four culturally most interesting countries, exploring Austria, Hungary, Slovakia & the Czech Republic alongside the special golfing experience at the best courses of the region.


These countries are the gems of Central Europe, thus they have always been in a friendly competition for visitors to Central Europe. Though only 100-500 km apart, the countries are fundamentally different in history, language, culture, and characteristic/society.


Their royal capitals are splendid, the Prince, Budapest is a grand and magnificent city with avenues and boulevards and the majestic Danube. As the Princess, Prague is an enigmatic city of fairytale heritage with rolling hills and graceful architecture.

The Imperial Vienna, which is known for its high quality life and culture, along with nearby Bratislava, which is described the „Little One” offering the taste of 4 different countries in the same journey/tour.



These tours can be fully customized according to your interests and schedule. Please ask for quotation.